Before planning your RE strategy, ask yourself these questions. If you have trouble answering them with confidence, you should conduct further research before proceeding to Step 2.

  • What renewable energy sources are available in your area?
  • Is there renewable energy development expertise in your region? In what renewable energy sector?
  • Is there willingness in the Tribal Community to support or live with a renewable energy project? There is information in the Guide to Relationship Building document that may help. Another guide is in the Commission for Environmental Cooperation Guide to Developing a Community Renewable Energy Project in North America. See Page 9 for working with your community.
  • Do you understand how the Tribal Government works and is there support of Chief and Council to proceed with planning? In order to prepare you may want to review Pages 20 – 22 of the Economic Development document from Industry Council for Aboriginal Business.
  • Do you know what renewable energy is, and what feedstocks might be needed for the renewable energy sources?
  • Do Have you done research to develop your basic understanding of renewable energy?
  • Are there others in the same region with similar development interests as you?

Some communities in Alberta are better suited to activating a RE strategy than other communities. Additionally, some regions of the province are richer in sources for one type of RE, while other regions are richer in sources for other types of RE.

Since each region is different, it can be helpful to identify each community’s state of readiness prior to planning your region’s RE strategy. This might be best accomplished by simultaneously identifying the potential for the best sources of RE in each community.

To conduct a “self-assessment” of your community, consider the items in “Renewable Energy Toolkit for Economic Development